Used X-80 SW LBO

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Condition: Used
Length: 82mm
Weight: 12g
Type: Sinking

Equipped with LBO II, great flying distance

HACHIMARU", a long-established standard that has produced overwhelmingly successful fishing results, is equipped with the new center-of-gravity shifting system "LBO II". This is a new technology in which ball bearings are arranged in an infinite loop on the internal weight to move linearly inside the body.
By installing this system in the HACHIMARU's compact body, the entire center of gravity is instantly shifted to the tail when casting, producing greater casting distance and accuracy than the conventional HACHIMARU. The ultra-low drag weight with built-in ball bearings is instantly guided and fixed by the neodymium magnetic field in front of it after the retrieve starts, and the lure boasts an overwhelmingly good swimming start. Please experience the fusion of a proven swimming pedigree and performance innovation in the field.