ZONK 120

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Condition: New
Length: 120mm
Weight: 21g
Type: Sinking

What is this flying ?  What is this swimming ?

Among the various elements required of a surf minnow, "casting distance" is the most important. The Zonk 120 was created to be a minnow that "just flies" by focusing on the element of "casting distance," which can be said to be the first requirement for surf minnows. After repeated prototyping and testing of all kinds of settings in the strong "dry wind" unique to the Enshu region, we tuned it with a setting that achieves an overwhelming casting distance among existing 120mm class slim minnows.
However, the Zonk 120 is not a minnow whose top priority is casting distance alone. We made no compromises in its swimming action to lure fish and get them to bite. The Zonk swims with a solid and highly stable feel so that it will bite in strong currents. Zonk 120 has a high pitch action that emits special vibration waves. It has been experimentally developed as a lure with overwhelming fish-collecting power and is sure to be attacked. The rhythmic, edgy vibration characteristic of the Zonk series precisely changes its vibration rhythm in response to subtle changes in current on retrieve, reliably transmitting underwater conditions to the angler's hand. In other words, Zonk is your eyes, a sonar and navigator that transmits underwater information in a realistic manner. Developed under the theme of "absolute reliability," Zonk is the ultimate high-performance bait, far beyond the level of conventional surf minnows.