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Condition: Unused

Length: 128mm
Weight: 22.7g
Type: Floating

The "Upper Cutter" pursues the essence of royal road pencil baiting, which combines the natural splash ripples of chased small fish with the fish-attracting effect of sound to create true appeal. The body balance never dives in order to keep creating sliding ripples, and the shaped body produces carving waves that seem to gouge the surface of the water. The heavy bass rattle ball setting lures bass up from deep water to bite even in situations where a regular pencil would not be appealing enough, such as some waves or deep spots. Equipped with three hooks, the "128" is ideal for big bass lakes, open areas offshore with large baitfish, and deep clear lakes. The "95" is easy to control the landing sound and make technical casts, and can be used in a wide range of situations, from open areas to overhangs.