Used ASURA Ⅱ 925 F

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Condition: Used
Length: 92.5mm
Weight: 7.8g
Type: Floating

Asura mold renewal !

Normally floating jerk bait is used when you want to let it float and dodge around the structure or grass and when you want to get bite with instant stay and floating action in the slow season of low water temperature and after spawning. In that case you have to make the bass aware with jerking. The new ASURA has tungsten ball for moving weight, so the distance and accuracy are improved. The low center of gravity plate weight is used for fixed weight and the rear weight is the same as suspend model but front weight has become 50% lighter. Floating speed is designed as anglers can wait, not too fast for the bass give up following. It is almost like small fish eating bug on the surface of water. The ASURA II Floating is a floating jerkbait that has new value and possibility because it is available under more situation than ever.

NEW floating body

Floating posture has become more horizontal because vertex position of body height is changed to the front and the air room of front side is widened by integrated molding bill. Also the resilience and the stability are improved because of the low center of gravity of fixed weight.

Difference between the new and the old bill

The bill of The ASURA II is 1 mm shorter and the angle is 2 degrees below but wider. It produces jerk with instantaneous speed and tight action by steady retrieve.