Used ASURA 925 F

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Condition: Used
Length: 92.5mm
Weight: 7.2g
Type: Floating

Versatile "Floating" Advantages Exhausted

A jerk bait that originally existed only as floating. At that time, anglers were using suspend tunes for sticking weights for bass that were slow due to the low water temperature in early spring. Even though it was a tuning method under limited circumstances, it was so close up that suspension is now the mainstream. However, the jerk bait is not a lure only in early spring, and the suspend is not all-purpose. Rather, the floating has a longer usage period when viewed annually, and has the ability to handle various techniques in a wide variety of situations.

The bass instinctively reacts abnormally to falling objects and those floating on the surface of the water. Surprisingly, there were few lures that had the ability to attract while attracting such habits. In other words, the floating minnow can be said to be an unautomatic lure whose fishing results change depending on the technique of the angler. The ASURA 925F is a bait with such a character.

There are various weight settings even if it is said to be floating, and on the ASURA 925F we set the high float as much as possible while being cautious of reducing the flight distance due to too much weight dropping. High float minnow is easy to make ripples when it floats on the surface of the water, it can be used like a top, and it is also easy to check the position with the eyes all the time. And you can trigger a reaction bite with a quick rise. Furthermore, if the body shape is the same, the floating response is physically superior in both response and sharpness, so it can be said that the bass is aggressive and overwhelmingly advantageous when facing upward. It is also good when aiming at a narrow space that opens just below the surface of the water because the weed extends like a bed. While avoiding the weed entanglement, you can develop the attack unique to this lure by the crisp high pitch action.