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Condition: Used
Length: 92.5mm
Weight: 8.45g
Type: Slow Floating Silent

Fixed center of gravity and silents completely attack tough bass around cover !

The Asura SPEC2 has a fixed center of gravity and is silent, eliminating the need to shift the center of gravity. Although the casting distance is slightly reduced, the body design does not rely on center-of-gravity shifting, so the casting distance is comparable to that of other models in its class. Therefore, it is excellent for accurate casting around cover with bait tackle. Even if you jerk it hard or touch a structure for a moment, the weight will not come off and the action will not be damaged. The lure has a good swimming response from all positions and keeps its luring performance. The silent design is also very effective for nervous bass. The SPEC2 is the final weapon of the Asura series, developed to completely eliminate all blind spots.

Non-rattle fixed weight

Realizes stable swimming and evasion performance around structure. Excellent castability.

Three hooks

This 9cm class minnow is equipped with three hooks to ensure that even the jerkbait's characteristic playful bite will lead to a hookup.

Full flat body

The flat cross-section of the body transmits the wave motion over a wide area and at the same time creates a stepped flashing effect, which dramatically increases the number of bites.

Inserted lip

Boldly narrowed base of the lip to make it respond well to light twitches. The lip shape is designed to be strong enough only by inserting it.