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Condition: Used
Length: 50mm
Weight: 10.0g
Type: Floating

A hard hitter with a sound that gives the illusion of a bass

The Heavy Hitter is positioned as a high-appeal version that greatly exceeds the rattle sound of the original Buzzin Crank. Since the rattle sound varies depending on the type of ABS resin, we tested and molded it using all kinds of materials when we developed it. However, we were not able to achieve a satisfactory sound, so we finally arrived at the ideal sound by mixing several different resins. Although the color of the resin is now a bone color, its swimming performance has been improved, and when used in top water, the color of the lip does not affect the fishing results. In addition, we modified the internal mold so that the tungsten main weight, which used to have little movement, would hit the left and right walls hard. The weight of the body, which is 5% lighter than before, makes the action wider, and the main weight flails wildly for maximum appeal. The uneven rattling sound creates a strong wave action that appeals to a wide and deep area. This sound makes bass think that the size of the bait is large and stimulates big bass to bite because of its size. In addition, with its high appeal, this bait is highly effective as a search bait to check a wide area quickly. It is also good in low light conditions such as in the middle of the day, when visibility is poor due to turbidity, when the surface of the water is choppy due to rain, or when the water is highly active. In other words, the Heavy Hitter is always effective against big bass with its sound, and by using it in different ways according to the field conditions, it can produce overwhelming catches.

Original ABS resin

As a result of the pursuit of sound to increase the appeal of the product, an original ABS resin with a unique formulation was created.