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Condition: Unused
Length: 60mm
Weight: 5.1g
Type: Floating

Floating advantage makes a splash !

The High Cut F is an all-rounder that can be used all year round in all kinds of light cover such as scattered weed areas, standing trees and raggedy areas, taking advantage of its snagless performance that only a floating lure can offer. However, versatility is not the only advantage of this lure; it has been developed in order to ensure that it can perform a special role. For example, although there are many baitfish in shallow water 0.5 to 2.0m deep, there are situations where it is difficult to get bites with crankbaits, spinnerbaits and even worms. Especially during the low water temperature period, crustacean baits become shadier and become fish eaters. In the open shallow areas where these baits tend to migrate, shad, which can cover a wide area at a good tempo and has moderate appeal and reaction effects, becomes the sole domain of the bait. Especially in high pressure clear to stained water, a realistic silhouette and tight action will give you an overwhelming advantage. This is the battlefield for the Hi-Cut F. The advantage of floating is that it allows you to get closer to structure and the bottom, for example, by floating it away when it touches weeds or knocking on the bottom more lively. Of course, a floating shad is not always a good thing, and the lip of the High Cut F has a round tip. If it is a leaf type with a sharp tip, which is relatively common in other SP Shad, when the lure knocks on the bottom, it will turn sideways with the tip of the lip as the fulcrum and swim to one side. The action of the lure also loses its life, and it may even get stuck. The High Cut F not only has this lip shape, but also has a special internal structure that increases its posture restoring power. For example, the weight of the body has been reduced beyond the limits of ABS resin by a special design for a fixed center of gravity with no internal rails for shifting the center of gravity and a honeycomb Super HP body (PAT.) that is both strong and lightweight. In addition, by adding the weight to the low center of gravity, we were able to achieve strong resilience and an instantaneous swimming start despite the small size of the shad. The High Cut F is a hard bait that can serve as a pilot lure in tough conditions, and can also be used as a search lure.

Low center of gravity fixed weight

Low center of gravity of the belly weight increases roll and improves fast reeling performance. The synergistic effect of the honeycomb body contributes to an increase in the number of bites during free reeling. The fixed weight is 0.2g lighter than the suspended model, and the gap between the weight holes is filled with resin to prevent the weight from acting up.

Honey comb super HP body (PAT.)

It is a honey comb super HP body to have succeeded in the large weight saving, maintaining intensity. The weight saving of a body raises an action response and realized genuine high pitch action which exceeds the limit of ABS resin.

The Round Lip For Shad

A fixed range is saved also in the time of a continuation jerk, and it darts to right and left. To reproduce stable swim when it touches bottom, original round type is adopted. It excels also in water grip performance and positive action is realized also by low-speed retrieve.