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Condition: Used
Length: 60mm
Weight: 5.3g

Lively action bait !

''OSP advocates 2 types of SHAD"
SHAD is one of the most effective lure under tough condition. But when you consider latest fishing circumstances and seasonal variations, completely opposite 2 types SHAD are inevitable. One is crankbaitlike SHAD which imitates various kind of baits like small fish, shrimp, crawfish and good at bottom knocking and dodging cover. Also, it has moderate volume and appeal power which make conspicuous in muddy water. In short, that is a kind of SHAD which is effective when you can't make fish bite by crankbait. DUNK of OSP is exactly that kind.
The other type is minnowlike SHAD which imitates small fish and swims deeper than minnow from bottom to 1.5~2.5m range in clear, stain water. The action must be very real, never to be detected by fish when you just retrieve the lure twitch or dart. Especially in high-pressure clear lake, fish become extremely selective, therefore exclusively designed tight and natural action is inevitable. Moreover, in order to use from the low water temperature term of around 5℃ to midsummer, it must have versatile action.
HIGH-CUT satisfies these conditions completely. So, this is the next generation minnowlike SHAD developed to fish the front line of tough condition.

''What HIGH-CUT aimed at."
HIGH-CUT is non-rattle type lure which is also effective in clear high-pressure lake. The inside of body is specially designed for fixed center of gravity, the rib is pressed down to minimum, HIGH-CUT has high-response body with no superfluous flesh. As a result, HIGH-CUT swims just like real bait fish, and bite is mass-produced by the power to which experienced fish is also made to react. Thus, as the tendency of recent year, the ability of just retrieve of minnow-like shad is getting more important as dart and twitch action.
For example, slow retrieve and stop and go which is necessary in low water temperature season, quick swim start brought by ultra light honey-comb super body (pat) increases fish bite. And tight and natural super high-pitch action with less wave motion generates bite of modern bass without doubt. Needless to say, dart and twitch action slides not only right and left but twist with roll. And that generates fascinating flashing. Trembling action of the moment of stop also increases bite chance. And original shape of lip and weight arrangement keeps deeper range than short bill minnow. Even if you twitch quick and continuously, HIGH-CUT never miss swim range by losing balance.
Thus, necessary function of next generation is packed, HIGH-CUT is really the one of two types of SHAD.

Fixed center of gravity weight

By lowering the weight in belly, roll action is strengthened and ability of fast retrieve is improved. It contributes increasing the number of bites when just retrieve which comes out by the honey cam body and a synergistic effect.

Honey comb super HP body (PAT.)

It is a honey comb super HP body to have succeeded in the large weight saving, maintaining intensity. The weight saving of a body raises an action response and realized genuine high pitch action which exceeds the limit of ABS resin.

The Round Lip For Shad

A fixed range is saved also in the time of a continuation jerk, and it darts to right and left. To reproduce stable swim when it touches bottom, original round type is adopted. It excels also in water grip performance and positive action is realized also by low-speed retrieve.