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Condition: Unused
Length: 63.0mm
Weight: 8.9g
Type: Floating

Cranking used in different internal structures

The original HPF crank has a number of innovative technologies packed into its body, which gives it an ultra-high pitch action response that is superior to balsa and overcomes the flat side's biggest weakness, castability. It is the No.1 flat side crankfish with excellent total performance. However, the only "quirk" of this lure is that when it hits cover on the swim, the main weight sometimes rolls to the tail, resulting in a big flutter. On the other hand, if you master this feature, you can induce reaction bites with an irregular escaping action and a fluttering movement from the bottom to the surface, which was considered impossible with a hard lure with a lip. However, this characteristic movement can also be a negative factor depending on bass conditions. For Spec.2, the mold inside the body has been completely redesigned and the weight has been changed to a fixed type. The new weighting system allows the angler to keep the lure on a steady retrieve and not flutter too much when it hits cover, keeping it close to the structure. The silent design also makes it more responsive to nervous bass that do not like the sound of rattles. The elimination of the fixed U-shaped weight has made the lure 10% lighter, increasing both buoyancy and snagless performance, and although the casting distance was not as great as the original, the lure's performance has been improved. Although the flying distance was not as long as the original, it was kept to a minimum by shifting the weight position back 8mm. The Spec 2 also attracts bass from a wider area, and its hard-to-detect action dramatically increases the number of bites that follow it to the end and are picked up at the moment of retrieval. In other words, the Spec 2 is a bite-oriented flat-sided crank bait that brings pressured bass to bite by swimming tight and naturally against cover at the cost of a slight reduction in casting distance compared to the original.

Fixed One Weight

The U-shaped fixed weight used in the original has been eliminated to increase buoyancy, and its position has been shifted back 8mm to improve castability.

High Positioning Low Ride Eye

The eye is set high so that the hook is hidden behind the body when the lure swims, enhancing snagless performance.

Silent Type

In contrast to the rattling sound made by the original one-weight large tungsten, the silent specification clearly differentiates the performance.

Super Flat Body

We aimed for a thin and infinitely square cross section. This shape maximizes the effect of the flat side.