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Condition: Used
Length: 57mm
Weight: 7.5g
Type: Floating

You can't talk about true plucking without floating

Floating shad are often favored by experts. Of course, suspending shad can also come into play depending on the situation. Both types have an explosive power that is unparalleled when hooked. One of the reasons why the SP is still the mainstream lure is because there is no easy-to-use F-shad. Against this backdrop, I decided to develop a floating shad as an absolute necessity for anglers to search for bass at a fast tempo in tough conditions without fear of being rooted. In order to make the best use of the advantages of the F, we decided on a high float setting that exceeds the average float speed of middle cranks, while paying attention to castability. And because the pitch speed of the F is physically faster than that of the F, the lure escapes before it gets deep into the cover, and the snagless performance that was originally outstanding in the SP has been further enhanced. Its performance is also demonstrated in so-called cranked areas, where you can really feel the effect of attacking with a natural shape and tight action. It is also effective against suspending bass during the after spawn and when the sun warms the surface of the water during low water temperatures. On the other hand, when the air temperature is lower than the water temperature, the surface water temperature drops and cold water with a heavy specific gravity falls to the bottom. If there is a structure that extends vertically, the conditions are perfect.
The Power Dunk has a strong presence and can be used in a wide range of areas with bait tackle when the area is large and the bass are not concentrated, or when the lake is more muddy than usual and the surface is rough, making it difficult for the lure to stand out. By using the F, SP and volume in this way, you can enjoy true plugging by adjusting to the situation.

Low-riding eye facing sideways

The low-riding eye, which sits low inside, makes it possible to overcome the use of large tungsten as a moving weight. This eye is closely related to flying distance, swim posture and high pitch action.

Increased hook size

Even if the standard #8 hooks are increased in size to #6, the hooks will not tangle with each other and the setting can be used in slow floating.

Half Square Lip

The half-square shape is adopted to prevent the body from collapsing when it hits the cover, resulting in a root trap.