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Condition: Unused
Length: 50mm
Weight: 10.0g
Type: Floating

Our goal was to create a completely silent product,
something that had never been done before

Silent fishing can sometimes produce explosive results. Clear water with no wind, muddy water with a high reliance on hearing, and bass that are extremely sluggish or inactive due to pressure, all respond differently to the silent baits than to the rattled baits. As evidence of this, we often encountered scenes of people using rattled baits mucking out of their back sheets. Therefore, we would like to first advocate the use of silent with or without rattles. However, even if we say "silent," it is not enough to simply eliminate the sound of the rattle. Even the smallest noises emitted from hooks, split rings, and bodies are transmitted much more clearly in the water than in the air. Most of this noise was the sound of the front hook tip hitting the body. The better the lure swims, the more likely it is to make this noise, which appears as a rolling mark. In order to eliminate this front hook noise, we developed a hook hanger (PAT.) specially designed for silent hooks. We have considered several other ways to muffle the sound, but none of them have been able to eliminate the sound without changing the swimming action of the lure. This special part, for which we even received a patent, has brought about the ultimate in complete silence while maintaining the high-response action of the normal BUZZN’CRANK. The feathers on the rear hook, which are used on some colors, prevent the tip of the hook from hitting the body, and at the same time, the lure appeals to the angler with its glossy movement. The action also tends to be a little tighter, making the difference between the original and the new model clear, and by using it in different situations, you can practice top water cranking without any blind spots.

Vertical wide lip

The driving force behind the intense action of the lure intensely stimulates the fighting spirit of bass and spreads its appeal over a wide area. It also contributes to snagless performance against floating debris and structure.

Silent hook hanger (PAT.)

It does not affect the action, prevents the front hook from going out of control more than necessary, and prevents the needle tip from hitting the body to the utmost limit. An essential part for aiming for complete silence.

Horizontal concealed eye

The horizontally embedded eye controls the rear hook from moving more than necessary, reducing hook-related problems.

Feather Hook

Feather models are also lined up for more effective insect-type actions such as single-point shakes.