Unused Tiny BLITZ MR

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Condition: Unused
Length: 44mm
Weight: 6.3g
Type: Slow Floating

Small cranks revolutionize anglers' strategies

The small crank is one of those lures that is easily kept a secret because of its ability to be used in all situations from top category tournaments to weekend fishing in both Japan and the United States. It is one of the most effective hard lures when bass are spooked, especially in major fields on holidays when anglers are concentrated and right after the first fish. The honeycomb super HP body (PAT.), which is lightweight beyond the limits of ABS resin, and the ultra-thin slash bill give the lure a clear advantage over conventional small crankbaits. It breaks through the conventional wisdom of small cranks and sets a new standard.
Normally shallow to middle crankbaits are used in stain to muddy conditions, but this time they will be used in all fields from clear to muddy. In order to get bites in any conditions, a non-rattling, tight action with a shad-like liveliness is effective. Moreover, it must be easy to use with both spinning and bait tackle, depending on whether there is cover or not. For example, when using spinning tackle, the pulling resistance is too strong, and on the other hand, when using bait tackle, you cannot feel the vibration or feel dissatisfied with the castability. We were able to achieve the performance we were looking for without having to choose any conditions from the field to the tackle.
It has a stable flying posture and long casting performance that you would not expect from a fixed center of gravity. The semi-flat body gives the lure a flashing action and a tight, natural feel,
which allows it to maintain its luring performance without fluttering even when reeling quickly. It also has an appealing wobble and roll action even on a slow retrieve like a crank, and when it hits structure, it does not deviate its trajectory as much as a shad and has high snagless performance. The thin and hard HP Slash Bill is very sensitive and can transmit a lot of information such as bottom quality. The specific gravity of the lure is set to slow floating to make the lure appear longer in the eyes of low water temperature and inactive bass to stimulate their appetite. The Tiny Blitz MR is equipped with the ultimate bite performance and can be used for speedy fishing, which will revolutionize anglers' strategies.

HP Honeycomb Super HP Body (PAT.)

The industry's first special structure developed by quickly focusing on reducing the weight of the body for action.

Semi-flat body

Combines the advantages of round cranks and flat sides.

HP Slash Bill

O.S.P was the first to use circuit board lips on a plastic body.

Non-rattle fixed weight

Realizes stable swimming and evasion performance around structure. Excellent castability.