Unused LEVEL SHAD Sprinter 68MR

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Condition: Unused
Length: 68.0mm
Weight: 5.9g
Type: Slow Floating

The LEVEL SHAD SPRINTER 68MR is a 68mm class mid-runner model that inherits the fishable ultra-fine vibration action of the LEVEL SHAD high definition shad plug. Like the SPRINTER 68SR, the overall body length itself has been increased in size, but the body shape has been designed to be streamlined and slender to achieve the ultra-tight, high-pitched action like that of precision instruments that is unique to the LEVEL SHAD. The LEVEL SHAD SPRINTER can be used not only with spinning tackle but also with common bait finesse tackle to achieve sufficient casting distance and can be handled nimbly. It can also be used on a slow retrieve, but as its name suggests, speedy shad game is the LEVEL SHAD SPRINTER 68MR's creed. Even neutral fish will react to the bite-size LEVEL SHAD SPRINTER 68MR as it passes by at high speed, creating "speed magic". As a shad plug that can easily, delicately, and speedily trace the 2 to 2.2 meter range, which is one layer deeper than the 68SR, it is a new way to break through tough situations.