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Condition: Used
Length: 110mm
Weight: 16.5g
Type: Sinking

A move to capture different ranges !

The Saruna MD110S is a medium-deep sinking minnow equipped with a center-of-gravity shifting system that uses a high-specific-gravity tungsten weight and a medium-deep lip. It is a great advantage in the vast surf. You can feel the outstanding flying distance which is hard to get from the body size.
The minnow quickly grabs water and dives in strong swell surf, rippled estuaries and structure in the sunshine. The action is a sharp wobbling roll, and its small movements are clearly transmitted to the rod through the line.
It is set up with three hooks in anticipation of biting bites. It is also designed to hook up to the center of the body and short bites.

Hook: Cultiva ST-46 #6