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Antares DC, which stoically pursues flying distance, has been reborn with the latest technology. The first DC reel to adopt the MGL Spool III, which produces a light and elastic trajectory.
The synergistic effect of the 4×8 DC brake, which enables precise control, has further refined the long casting performance.
S3D spool and Silent Tune suppress vibration that spoils rotation. In addition to the micro module gears and X-SHIP, the feel of reeling has been dramatically improved by increasing the number of bearings in the handle bearings.

Into the Uncharted Sanctuary

To fly farther than anyone else.
That is the mission of Antares.
The lure is released with a plume of water and drew an elongated trajectory, cutting into the uncharted sanctuary.
The limit is just a passing point.

High precision DC with further evolution

High institutional brake power management compared to conventional DC

External dials

Internal dials

4×8 DC
High speed CPU for precise control of braking force.
The NEW Antares DC uses a CPU to process a much larger amount of information than ever before to precisely control the brake force. It quickly detects stalling caused by lure air resistance or wind, and controls the brake force freely and precisely. In addition to making it easy to determine the best brake setting, it also suppresses backlash and maximizes spool rotation loss, resulting in unprecedented long casting performance. The effect is obvious not only for full casts but also for lighter casts. The synergistic effect of the low-inertia MGL Spool III provides stable performance.

First time in DC
High quality casting feel brought about by low inertia

Realizes a ballistic trajectory with light rise and extension.
Thinner and narrower than conventional spools, resulting in even lower inertia. Combination with 4×8DC prevents stalling even in the latter half of the cast, realizing a stretchy trajectory.

Dramatic improvement in casting accuracy.
Low-inertia S3D spool with the thinnest possible wall suppresses unnecessary rattling, and combined with the silent tune, provides excellent controllability. Good response to summing, enabling accurate presentation of the lure with low trajectory to pinpoint.

Suppresses vibration and eliminates rotational loss

There is no doubt that the newly adopted Magnum Light Spool III contributes greatly to the overwhelming casting performance of the NEW Antares DC, but Shimano's unique bait reel technologies such as S3D Spool and Silent Tune support its quick and smooth rotation. By thoroughly suppressing vibration in various areas such as shaking of the spool itself and rattling of the rotating parts, we have eliminated rotational loss, improved quietness, and achieved a refreshing casting feel. This makes it possible to maximize the performance of the Magnum Light Spool III, which has been designed with extremely low inertia.

S3D Spool

High-precision spool that reduces rotational shake.
S3D spools are made by completely reexamining the cutting method to dramatically improve spool accuracy. The spool is quieter when casting (compared to our previous model), and its smooth, shake-free rotation produces even greater casting distance.

Silent Tune

Suppresses rattling and improves quietness and smoothness.
By adding O-rings to the inner and outer diameters of the bearing and the outer diameter of the bearing, the degree of adhesion with the shaft and frame is increased to reduce rattling. This silent tune eliminates spool rotation loss and provides a high level of quietness and a smooth rotation feeling.

Just before stalling, the "one stretch" is demonstrated.
It makes a precise approach possible.


My first impression of the new Antares DC is that it flies as I envisioned, while the DC works well to suppress line trouble. In headwinds, the brakes are applied strongly, but even in situations where the boat would have stalled before the point, there is a little more room for improvement. I guess this is the power of the 4×8 DC that allows precise braking management. The thinner spool seems to have increased the casting distance. When I cast, the Antares has a flexible trajectory.

Explosive flying distance can be obtained naturally.
It is indispensable for fishing to search a wide area.

Takuma Hata

When I tested the 21 Antares DC, I was first surprised by the dramatic increase in casting distance. The casting feel itself is the same as the previous model, in a good way. But when I compared the old and new Antares DCs, the flying distance was different by several meters. The Magnum Lite Spool III contributes to the increased casting distance, and the 4×8 DC also works well, but it is wonderful to be able to get this flying distance naturally. It is going to be an indispensable unit for me in fishing where I have to search a wide area with long casts.

Micro Module Gears

The ultra-compact precision gears and sophisticated body housing provide a "silky" winding feel never before experienced. The vibration level is less than half that of conventional gears (compared to Shimano's own gears), and the increased number of interlocking teeth ensures greater strength than conventional gears. This is Shimano's original gear system that provides both smooth feeling and strength.


The X-SHIP is a strong gear structure that enables light reeling under load with a large diameter drive gear, optimal placement of both pinion and drive gears, and two-point support by pinion gear bearings.

Reduced handle rattle

Rattle is greatly reduced by increasing the number of bearings in the handle from one to two. A smooth and precise reel winding feeling has been achieved.

Saltwater compatible

The plating accuracy of the thumb rest part has been improved, and the body part has been completely repainted to enable use in saltwater.

■ Micromodule Gear
■ X-Ship
■ Hagane Body
■ MGL III Spool
■ Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D)
■ 4×8 DC
■ Silent Tune
■ Super Free Spool
■ Saltwater OK

■ Normal Gear
Gear Ratio:  5.6 : 1
Maximum Drag: 5kg
Weight: 220g
Ball Bearing: 11 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 65cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-130m, #14-110m, #16-100m

■ HG (High Gear)
Gear Ratio:  7.4 : 1
Maximum Drag: 5kg
Weight: 220g
Ball Bearing: 11 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 86cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-130m, #14-110m, #16-100m

■ XG (Extra High Gear)
Gear Ratio:  7.8 : 1
Maximum Drag: 5kg
Weight: 225g
Ball Bearing: 11 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 91cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-130m, #14-110m, #16-100m