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The new Calcutta Conquest is the first bass reel to be equipped with Infinity Drive, which is highly acclaimed in saltwater bait reels. The new Calcutta Conquest is the first bass reel to be equipped with Infinity Drive, which is highly acclaimed in saltwater bait reels. The new Calcutta Conquest is the first bass reel to be equipped with the Infinity Drive, which has been highly acclaimed in saltwater bait reels, for greatly reduced rotational resistance, improved winding sensitivity, power and feel. The low-profile body improves the permability. Newly adopted Magnum Light Spool III with low inertia enables lures to be sent deep into the structure with low trajectory.

Winding becomes a pleasure.
The more you wind it, the more pleasure you feel.
The more you reel it in, the more pleasure you feel, and the more your heart is filled with drops of sensuality.
There is a unique world where winding becomes a pleasure.

Drive section for powerful winding

For the first time in a bass reel, Infinity Drive is used at the center of the drive section for light winding. In addition, by reducing the resistance of the roller clutch, we have succeeded in reducing rotational resistance. In addition, the number of bearings supporting the handle shaft has been increased to eliminate rattling of the handle, and the handle knob has been enlarged for more stable winding.
The addition of micro-module gears has dramatically improved the reeling performance. The more resistance the lure has, the more you will feel the effect.

Improved operability during casting

The spool position has been lowered in line with the lower profile of the body, allowing the user to grip the spool with a more natural form. The height of the spool reduces the interference with the thumb, which increases the freedom of the wrist and enables flexible and accurate casting.

Dramatic evolution of casting performance that can be seen with a single cast.

Equipped with Magnum Light Spool III which realizes low inertia without sacrificing durability, the synergistic effect with SVS Infinity, Silent Tune and S3D not only increases the casting distance but also dramatically evolves the casting performance with 33mm diameter for No.100 and 38mm diameter for No.200. It is possible to shoot a lure under a narrow overhang with low trajectory and good control.

When you sharpen your senses and concentrate on fishing
Overwhelming reeling performance.


Powerful reeling produced by large diameter gear and strong body is unique to Calcutta Conquest. I have full confidence in it especially for reel fishing. It is worthy of praise for its winding performance, which has evolved steadily in other areas as well, refining its own domain without flattering anyone. The effect of the Infinity Drive can be felt more realistically when the lure has a higher pull resistance. The Calcutta Conquest is the only lure that can give me the feeling of powerful reeling up even under high loads.

Low-profile design allows for greater freedom of wrist movement when casting.

So you can shoot at the best course in one throw.
To be able to shoot at the best course in one throw. This is what I consider to be a "fishing reel". The 21 Calcutta Conquest has evolved in every part, and the low-profile body allows me to put my thumb on the spool at a shallow angle, so I can use my wrist freely to cast with high precision. I have confidence that I can cast exactly as I want, so I can then shoot boldly.

Micro Module Gears

The ultra-compact precision gears and sophisticated body housing provide a "silky" winding feel never before experienced. The vibration level is less than half that of conventional gears (compared to Shimano's own gears), and the increased number of interlocking teeth ensures greater strength than conventional gears. This is Shimano's original gear system that provides both smooth feeling and strength.


Lightweight and rigid metals such as aluminum and magnesium are used to firmly control deflection, distortion and twisting of the reel. This protects the delicate gear engagement and allows for smooth reeling.

Magnum Light Spool III

After evolving from the first-generation Magnum Lite Spool and the second-generation Magnum Lite Spool, the third-generation Magnum Lite Spool III was born. We took on the challenge of making the spool even thinner, and achieved a lower inertia than before without compromising durability. In addition to long casting performance, the new spool has a much lighter start, a refreshing casting feel that extends far and wide, and greatly improved trouble avoidance performance.

S3D Spool

High-precision spool that reduces rotational shake.
S3D spools are made by completely reexamining the cutting method to dramatically improve spool accuracy. The spool is quieter when casting (compared to our previous model), and its smooth, shake-free rotation produces even greater casting distance.

Silent Tune

Suppresses rattling and improves quietness and smoothness.
By adding O-rings to the inner and outer diameters of the bearing and the outer diameter of the bearing, the degree of adhesion with the shaft and frame is increased to reduce rattling. This silent tune eliminates spool rotation loss and provides a high level of quietness and a smooth rotation feeling.

SVS Infinity

The SVS ∞ (Infinity) has a wide range of brake adjustment and can be used in a wide range of situations with only external dial adjustment (when 4 internal brake shoes are ON). ).
In addition, the internal brake shoes can be adjusted for more fine-tuned braking.

Infinity Drive

A new mechanism developed by Shimano to achieve more powerful and lighter winding. Of the two grease bearings that support the pinion gear, the bearing on the spool side has the greatest rotational resistance. Instead of using this bearing to support the pinion gear, the new structure supports the pinion gear from the inside with the spool shaft. This significantly reduces the rotational resistance of the gear section without compromising gear strength.

Saltwater compatible

The use of rust-proof bearings and antiseptic treatment of the exterior provides stable performance even in saltwater fishing.

■ Micromodule Gear
■ Hagane Body
■ MGL III Spool
■ Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D)
■ Silent Tune
■ SVS Infinity
■ Infinity Drive
■ Saltwater OK

■ 100 / 101 Normal Gear
Gear Ratio:  5.6 : 1
Maximum Drag: 4.5kg
Weight: 220g
Ball Bearing: 13 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 58cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-100m, #14-90m, #16-80m

■ 100 / 101 HG (High Gear)
Gear Ratio:  7.4 : 1
Maximum Drag: 4.0kg
Weight: 220g
Ball Bearing: 11 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 77cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-100m, #14-90m, #16-80m

■ 200 / 201 Normal Gear
Gear Ratio:  4.8 : 1
Maximum Drag: 6.0kg
Weight: 235g
Ball Bearing: 13 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 57cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-165m, #14-145m, #16-120m, #20-100m

■ 200 / 201 HG (High Gear)
Gear Ratio:  6.5 : 1
Maximum Drag: 6.0kg
Weight: 240g
Ball Bearing: 13 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 78cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-165m, #14-145m, #16-120m, #20-100m