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The Aldebaran BFS, the leader in bait finesse, has undergone a dramatic evolution with the addition of a newly designed magnetic brake. The newly adopted FTB enables a wide range of brake settings by extending the brake unit's movable stroke, and by reviewing the arrangement of the magnetic ring, the effect of the magnet on the weakest brake setting (1) has been reduced to as close to zero as possible. In addition, the magnetic ring has been rearranged to reduce the influence of the magnet to almost zero at the weakest brake setting. The synergistic effect of the new FTB that suppresses excessive braking and the low-inertia Magnum Light Spool III enables the Aldebaran to maintain its low trajectory, which is one of the Aldebaran's strong points, and to extend the second half without stalling until just before landing. The lure's trajectory is such that even ultra-lightweight lures in the 1g class can be sent deep into structure with a trajectory that crawls just above the surface. This is the birth of a new Aldebaran that attracts with its trajectory.


The NEW FTB, which is installed in the reborn Aldebaran BFS, has an expanded range of brake unit movement, allowing a wider range of brake settings to be applied than before. In the previous model, the magnetic force of the magnet affected the spool even when it was set to dial 1, but the new FTB has a structure that allows the magnetic ring to be pulled in further, increasing the distance between the ring and the spool and successfully reducing the effect of magnetic force to as close to zero as possible. This is a technical model for experts to make low trajectory flip casts even with lightweight lures weighing around 1g.


The Magnum Light Spool III, which achieves an unprecedentedly low inertia thanks to its significantly thinner wall, has been installed in a bait finesse model for the first time. This lightweight spool provides an excellent casting feel with a light rise and pleasant extension, allowing pinpoint casts with low trajectory to be made with greater accuracy. In addition, the FTB model's structure, in which the brake unit is not attached to the spool, allows the Magnum Light Spool III's light rotation to achieve an even more pronounced and nimble casting feel. This further refines the low-ballistic cast that sends lightweight lures deep into the water.

"Pinpoint casting is at will. The quality of the ballistics is different."


NEW ALDEBARAN BFS is able to cast lightweight lures with low trajectory, and of course, control performance has been dramatically improved. The synergistic effect of the newly designed FTB and Magnum Light Spool III makes it possible to send a lure to a pinpoint with a trajectory that seems to crawl on the surface of the water. The quality of the trajectory is different, isn't it? In the past, baitfinesse reels were very peaky and difficult to control, but I think the NEW Aldebaran BFS is a reel that allows anyone to easily experience high quality baitfinesse.

"It is not a tuned model, but a dedicated bait finesse model."


The biggest feature is the φ29mm spool. The MGL Spool III, Shimano's first under-30mm spool, has been installed.

It is only 3mm smaller than its predecessor, but this makes a huge difference. The greatly reduced moment of inertia makes it much easier to throw light lures and rigs, and even ultra-light lures weighing less than 1g can be used to attack deep into cover with a low trajectory. Above all, this model is not a tuned version of Aldebaran, but was developed for bait finesse. From the design to the details of each part, this is a new model with the concentrated performance of a dedicated model.

Robustness for continued use even in harsh conditions.
A precise winding feel that stimulates your senses and a reliable operation feel. And a reeling power that exceeds your imagination.
The pursuit of a reel that anglers can truly use has led to the creation of HAGANE gears and the HAGANE body, and has become Shimano's belief. Everything we do is for anglers.

Micro Module Gear
The ultra-small precision gears and elaborate body housing provide a "silky" winding feel never before experienced.
Compared to conventional gears, the vibration level is less than half (our comparison), and the increased number of interlocking teeth ensures greater strength than conventional gears.
This is Shimano's original gear system that provides both smooth feeling and strength.

The X-SHIP is a strong gear structure that enables light reeling under load with a large diameter drive gear, optimal placement of both pinion and drive gears, and two-point support by pinion gear bearings.

Lightweight and rigid metals such as aluminum and magnesium are used to prevent deflection, distortion and twisting of the reel.
This protects the delicate meshing of the gears and enables smooth reeling.

Silent Tune
Vibration at high speed is reduced by applying light pressure to the bearing that holds the spool. Quietness during casting and the start of spool rotation have been further improved.

Finesse Tuning Brake System
In order to improve the pitching performance of lightweight lures, reducing the weight of the spool is a major issue. Conventionally, spools have been blanked to reduce weight, but as long as the brake unit was included, there was a limit. By eliminating the brake unit from the spool, Shimano has succeeded in developing the lightest spool in the history of Shimano bait finesse reels.
It is an unprecedented braking system that applies a magnetic brake directly to the spool.

New carbon material evolved from lightweight carbon material CI4. Significantly improved rigidity and durability while maintaining lightness, enabling smaller and lighter reels.

Exciting Drag Sound
During a fight with a fish, the light "exciting drag sound" creates a blissful game.

S A-RB bearings are sealed on the sides with an anti-corrosion material, which greatly reduces the risk of salt contamination due to recrystallization of salt inside the bearing.

Super Free Spool
When the clutch is disengaged, the spool is supported by only two bearings. This system suppresses rattling, and at the same time reduces spool free performance to the utmost limit.

■ Micromodule Gear

■ X-Ship
■ Hagane Body
■ MGL III Spool
■ Silent Tune
■ CI4+
■ Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D)
■ Super Free Spool
■ Saltwater OK

■ HG (High Gear)

Gear Ratio:  7.8 : 1
Maximum Drag: 3.5kg
Weight: 130g
Ball Bearing: 10 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 71cm
Line Capacity: Flu #6lb-45m, #8-45m

■ XG (Extra High Gear)
Gear Ratio:  8.9 : 1
Maximum Drag: 3.5kg
Weight: 130g
Ball Bearing: 10 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 81cm
Line Capacity: Flu #6lb-45m, #8-45m