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The new Bantam is equipped with a 150 size Magnum Light Spool III, with a diameter of 35mm/19mm, which is larger and narrower than the previous model to enhance compatibility with centrifugal brakes. By moving the line guide slightly forward, we have achieved an extended casting feel reminiscent of the 19 Antares. Infinity Drive, the first of its kind in a low-profile bait, is built into the highly rigid core solid body. The Infinity Drive is the first of its kind to be built into the body of a low-profile bait, and its greatly reduced rotational resistance enables powerful and direct reeling,
and dramatically improves the lure's ability to detect changes in bottom and water flow resistance. This is the one that will take Strong Versatility to the next level.


Newly equipped with low-inertia Magnum Lite Spool III, which enables anglers to cast far and wide or make short, low trajectory casts at will, with a line capacity of No.150 size and amazingly good elongation reminiscent of 19 Antares. Bantam's high-rigidity core solid body, which can withstand tough fishing conditions,
is combined with Magnum Lite Spool III for even greater castability.
It has evolved into a strong and technical low-profile model that is suitable for all-round fishing from long distance to close range.


The Infinity Drive is a new structure that supports the pinion gear from the inside of the spool shaft, instead of the bearing on the spool side, which has high rotational resistance. This greatly reduces the rotational resistance of the gears, realizing a lighter and more direct reeling feeling than before, while maintaining high strength at the same time. The 21 Calcutta Conquest is the second baitcasting reel to be equipped with this system, and the Bantam is the first low-profile reel to be equipped with it. The Infinity Drive brings more comfort and strength to the highly rigid core-solid body of the Bantam. This exquisite combination takes the strong versatility to a new level.

"The central axis of an irreplaceable bait reel. More reliable by shooting and reeling."


Originally, once the settings are made, the Bantam can adapt to any situation with just an external adjustment dial, but with the increase in the number of SVS ∞ brake shoes from four to six, it is now possible to make exquisite brake settings that are more in line with your preferences. In addition to the MGL Spool III, which is lightweight and drastically reduces trouble, the ∞ Drive, which realizes direct winding, is installed for the first time in a low-profile model. In addition, it is the first low-profile model to be equipped with the ∞ drive, which enables direct reeling, while maintaining the rigidity of full metal. The first generation has been trouble-free for three years, and the second generation is sure to be a strong ally on the US tour.

Micro Module Gear
The ultra-small precision gears and elaborate body housing provide a "silky" winding feel never before experienced.
Compared to conventional gears, the vibration level is less than half (our comparison), and the increased number of interlocking teeth ensures greater strength than conventional gears.
This is Shimano's original gear system that provides both smooth feeling and strength.

Lightweight and rigid metals such as aluminum and magnesium are used to prevent deflection, distortion and twisting of the reel.
This protects the delicate meshing of the gears and enables smooth reeling.

Core Solid Body
The level wind protector and side plate, which are usually made separately from the frame, are molded in one piece. This provides high rigidity and compact size for easy perming. Strong body that does not make noise even under heavy load, preventing deflection when fishing with big fish or pulling out fish from cover.
Highly reliable new body structure that allows anglers to enjoy power fights with peace of mind

Silent Tune
Vibration at high speed is reduced by applying light pressure to the bearing that holds the spool. Quietness during casting and the start of spool rotation have been further improved.

S3D Spool
The accuracy of the spool has been dramatically improved by completely revising the cutting method. As a result, quietness during casting has been improved. (Our comparison)

S A-RB bearings are sealed on the sides with an anti-corrosion material, which greatly reduces the risk of salt contamination due to recrystallization of salt inside the bearing.

Super Free Spool
When the clutch is disengaged, the spool is supported by only two bearings. This system suppresses rattling, and at the same time reduces spool free performance to the utmost limit.

■ Micromodule Gear

■ Hagane Body
■ MGL III Spool
■ Silent Tune
■ Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D)
■ Super Free Spool
■ Saltwater OK

■ Normal Gear

Gear Ratio:  6.2 : 1
Maximum Drag: 5kg
Weight: 215g
Ball Bearing: 8 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 68cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-130m, #14-110m, #16-100m

■ HG (High Gear)
Gear Ratio:  7.1 : 1
Maximum Drag: 5kg
Weight: 220g
Ball Bearing: 8 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 78cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-130m, #14-110m, #16-100m

■ XG (Extra High Gear)
Gear Ratio:  8.1 : 1
Maximum Drag: 5kg
Weight: 225g
Ball Bearing: 8 S A-RB
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 89cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #12lb-130m, #14-110m, #16-100m