Bantam BtForce

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Condition: New
Length: 190mm
Weight: 50g
Type: Floating

Surface switching baits that use splashes and bubbles to keep the lure in sight

The BtForce is the first big bait in the Bantam series, created to fool bass. The concept is to camouflage the hard tail, which is difficult to balance in the swim, by moving it forcefully with a wide lip on the first retrieve to camouflage the back of the lure with foam and splash.
The strong vibration of the lure and the low-pitched rattle that makes you feel threatened by the lure and the bass are so excited by it that they bite loudly without realizing it is a lure. It's a big surface bait with a high degree of perfection.

In a word, it is a wake bait. This lure is made to specialize in attacking the surface with the shape of a big bait to make the fish float from underneath. We didn't have any doubts about whether it would be better to dive or not, and We were thoroughly focused on attacking the surface.
There are three elements we wanted in this lure.
The first is the wake (ripple). It won't dive in the speed range where it can maximize its ability to attract bass.
The second is the sound. The special internal structure of the lure makes the sound reverberate like no other.
Finally, the tail. Along with the sound, the splash from the tail makes it impossible for the fish to see it.
If you test it in clear water, you can see bass coming to it. Close the distance with a bang, and bang! It's a perfect switch bait that bass will eat without hesitation.