Bantam Chug Walker

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Condition: New
Length: 62mm
Weight: 8g
Type: Floating

A popper with an attractive variation of feeding techniques by mixing popping and walking.

The Chug Walker combines a modest pop sound that does not cause excessive pressure with a light walking action. The weight is specially designed to be integrated with the hook eye to save space, and the center of gravity is concentrated at the end of the lure for a balance that responds linearly to rod action. Fish that do not respond to the popping sound alone can be turned on by the sticky lure like a squirming insect. The lure is designed to float in a standing position so that it can be easily sucked in by fish. The offset hook eye and dimples on the tail are just a few of the details that improve hooking.

The "Chug Walker" popper is designed for easy hooking of bass.
Topwater fishing can be difficult to hook, but the Chug Walker's front hook has an offset hook eye that allows the hook point to move more freely downward, making it easier for bass to suck it in. This, combined with its upright floating posture, ensures a high hooking rate.

From spring to autumn, when bass are more conscious of the surface of the water and know where they are, it is a great lure to use!
As with other types of topwater, spring through fall is the most effective season.
Like other topwater types, spring through fall is the most effective time to use the Chug Walker. The Chug Walker can be imitated by a variety of baits, including baitfish, insects and shrimp, so it can be used in any field.
The Loud Knocker pencil bait has the advantage in return and search power, so it is most effective to use the Loud Knocker when you want to search a wide area, and the Chug Walker when the target spot is relatively narrow, such as small fields, structure and shade.

How to use the Chug Walker effectively
In situations where you want the fish to notice the lure, or where the water is deep and the distance between the lure and the fish is great, use the popping sound and take one strong action and pause for a second or two. The pop sound and splash will alert the fish to the lure's presence, and the pause will give them time to bite.
On the other hand, if you want to target structure or shade where fish may be hiding, use a series of small actions. Hold the rod down and shake the head in small increments like shaking a worm to produce insects and shrimps on the surface.

Recommended tackle for handling the Chug Walker
A ML action lure that is not too stiff is recommended to reduce the travel distance. Use nylon line or PE line to prevent the lure from sinking and to make the action easier. Bait finesse tackle can also be used.

Offset hook eye

Designed to widen the gap between the hook point and the body to reduce body interference.

■ Weight with integrated rear hook eye
■ Multiple rattles
■ Tail wing