Unused Bantam CoMac Surface

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Condition: Unused
Length: 50mm
Weight: 13g
Type: Floating

A crankbait that specializes in water surface strategy

Comac surface specialized for attacking the water surface. The crank bait action created by the lip and body is combined with a blade that creates fine waves. The special design with a single oversized treble hook, which was developed from actual use on the US trail, reduces the risk of breaking off with a small hook, which is a disadvantage of compact lures.
The diving depth is 0 to 30cm. This is the surface model of the Comac, armed to attack the surface and just below the water. In addition to the fierce crank bait action created by the lip and body, the rattling sound created by the built-in rattle and the rotation of the blade that creates fine waves at the rear increase the appeal. The semi-rounded lip shape enables the lure to attack not only wood cover such as laydowns that come close to the surface, but also areas where weeds and other vegetation are involved. It is equipped with a single treble hook on the front, which is oversized for the body. This prevents shallow hooks, which is one of the disadvantages of compact lures, and reduces the chance of the lure falling apart during a fight.