Used Bantam World Diver 99 SP FLASHBOOST

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Condition: Used
Length: 99mm
Weight: 16g
Type: Suspend

Fly far away !
New type of long-bill minnow that swims well and attracts well !

The World Diver 99SP is a long-bill minnow equipped with Flash Boost, which keeps the lure lured even when it is stopped, and Jet Boost, which enables stable casting distance and accurate casting. Equipped with Jet Boost, the lure maintains a stable flight posture even in headwinds when casting to increase casting distance, and after landing on the water, the moving weight returns quickly and swims out firmly. In the water, Flash Boost continuously appeals and attracts both when swimming and when stopped.

The World Diver 99SP, a long-bill minnow that can also be used for cranking, is now available. The minnow plug, which triggers fish to prey by repeatedly twitching, jerking, pumping, retrieving, and other actions and pausing, is an excellent match for the Flash Boost, which keeps the lure flashing even when it stops, because the lure itself stops to trigger a bite, The Flash Boost equipped World Minnow 115 has been producing good fishing results nationwide. The World Diver 99SP is designed to be used 1 to 1.5m deeper than the World Minnow 115. The World Minnow 115 can be used at shallower depths than 1.5 meters or when fish are not looking up, while the World Diver 99SP can be used at depths deeper than 1.5 meters or in situations where fish have difficulty rising to the surface. The Jet Boost eliminates concerns about casting distance and poor flight attitude, which are common with long-bill minnows. It can be used not only from a boat but also for shore fishing without stress.

World Diver 99SP has good response during rod actions such as twitch and jerk, of course, but it also works well as a cranking minnow, so its high pitch action on a straight retrieve is also attractive. Especially in high-pressure or highly transparent fields, it will not float to the range of a normal minnow plug. However, crankbaits have too much action and will be overlooked. This lure works well in such fields. The minnow-shaped body silhouette, tighter and higher pitch action than crankbaits, and realistic scale boost make this lure more suitable for clear water and tough fields. This lure can be used not only in rotation with minnows but also with crankbaits.