Bantam World Minnow 115F FLASHBOOST

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Condition: New
Length: 115mm
Weight: 14g
Type: Floating

Fly and swim well !
The reflector lures and bites !
Floating minnow with sharpened basic performance

The floating type World Minnow 115F is equipped with Flash Boost, which is a sparkling, flickering light that continues to attract fish while surfacing, and is especially effective from May to September, when fish respond strongly to things that float. We recommend darting the lure around structure such as reeds and boulders, and then letting the lure "float" to attract fish.

Mirror plate continues to be reflected by the unique
"Flash Boost" structure

The flash-boosting mechanism with a reflective plate suspended by a spring inside the body. The spring makes the lure vibrate by using the rod action of water and the spring makes it vibrate to keep attracting with its sparkling flashing action even when the lure is stopped.

AR-C center of gravity shift system
for stable distance

The AR-C system uses a spring-loaded center of gravity control system that overturns the conventional wisdom of center of gravity movement systems. When the lure is cast, centrifugal force and accelerating G force move the weight to the rear. The spring-loaded center of gravity control system allows the lure to return to the weight, and when the lure touches the water, the lure stands up with the same stability as a minnow with a fixed center of gravity.
Stable flying posture and flying distance, even in headwinds, thanks to the AR-C system Stable flying posture enables anglers to make accurate casts to pin spots, as well as casting long distance without dropping line pounds in fields where thicker lines are needed.

Shimano's original scale pattern hologram "Kyourin" was developed in pursuit of true realism.