Bantam World Minnow 115SP FLASHBOOST

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Condition: New
Length: 115mm
Weight: 17g
Type: Suspend

Stable flying distance and continuous appeal of "Flash Boost" in the water !
The next generation of minnow that will play an active role in the world !

The World Minnow 115SP is equipped with the Flash Boost and the AR-C center-of-gravity shift system, making it easy to show and bite. The main feature of this lure is the "Flash Boost" which continues to attract fish even when the lure is stopped by the light from the built-in reflector. This life-like sparkle stimulates the fish's instincts, and many fish have attacked the World Minnow during lure tests.
In addition, the AR-C system makes it possible for the lure to fly with a stable flying posture and flying distance, even in headwinds. The AR-C system makes it possible to cast with a stable flying posture, making it possible to make accurate casts to pin spots, as well as cast long distances without dropping line pounds in fields where you want to use thicker lines.
New generation minnows packed with the latest technology, opening the door to new minnowing world.

Unlike other fast moving lures such as crankbaits and spinnerbaits, minnows and jerkbaits are one of the few hard lures that combine the element of "show and bite".
The Flash Boost and Kyourin play a role in making the pause action, which triggers the bite, more effective and less noticeable. Even though the lure isn't moving, the flash-boosting action continuously vibrates, causing not only the reflection of light, but also the lure's silhouette to change. With the addition of these flash boosts, it becomes easier for the fish to catch the lure as a living thing, both when it is in action and when it is stopped.
In addition, the World Minnow is equipped with the AR-C system, which overcomes the disadvantages of minnows, which are considered to be vulnerable to headwinds, and achieves long casting performance.
The World Minnow is a minnow that has the three key attributes of being good to throw, good to move and good to stop.

The Medium action of 6.0-6.10 ft. class, which is frequently used in other fishing, is most recommended. In the situation where accuracy is important, we recommend to use up to 6.6ft, and in the situation where distance is necessary, we recommend to use more than 6.6ft.
We recommend using a high gear (HG), which makes it easy to retrieve line slack instantly and allows for a stable retrieve, as the fishing is characterized by many sudden reaction bites.

Mirror plate continues to be reflected by the unique
"Flash Boost" structure

The flash-boosting mechanism with a reflective plate suspended by a spring inside the body. The spring makes the lure vibrate by using the rod action of water and the spring makes it vibrate to keep attracting with its sparkling flashing action even when the lure is stopped.

AR-C center of gravity shift system
for stable distance

The AR-C system uses a spring-loaded center of gravity control system that overturns the conventional wisdom of center of gravity movement systems. When the lure is cast, centrifugal force and accelerating G force move the weight to the rear. The spring-loaded center of gravity control system allows the lure to return to the weight, and when the lure touches the water, the lure stands up with the same stability as a minnow with a fixed center of gravity.
Stable flying posture and flying distance, even in headwinds, thanks to the AR-C system Stable flying posture enables anglers to make accurate casts to pin spots, as well as casting long distance without dropping line pounds in fields where thicker lines are needed.

Shimano's original scale pattern hologram "Kyourin" was developed in pursuit of true realism.