CARDIF Stream Flat 50S / 50HS / 65S / 65ES

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Condition: New
Length: 50mm (50S / 50HS), 65mm (65S / 65ES)
Weight: 3.6g (50S), 4.5g (50HS), 6.3g (65S), 9.2g (65ES)

Invite wide action
Stream Flat is designed with a body shape that generates a strong flushing for continuous switching and generates strong flushing that induces trout.

Do not miss the target hot point !
The lip design that bites water from a slight retrieve enhances the lure's swimming response while also allowing range keeping power.

Low center of gravity fixed weight design
It's finished in weight balance to swim stably even in strong current.

Flat side body that creates wide action and lip design that firmly bites water

The rear hook of the 65ES is a single hook specification stuck to the bottom capture