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Condition: Unused
Length: 150mm
Weight: 67g
Type: Sinking

Use the top and under the water depending on the winding method!
Slow thinking for eating blue stuff that you can't eat even if you follow your feet.

Rock shore scene with limited scaffolding. The more lures you pull out, the better your ability to handle a variety of situations and the easier it is to get close to the catch. The Rock Flat is designed to jump out to the surface with high speed retrieve and long jerk while having a slow sinking body. Therefore, it is a treasure trove of drawers that can meet the demands of users, whether you invite them at the top or eat them as sinking.

A sinking pencil that excels at the surface layer with fast retrieve and long jerk, but also excels in wide rolling action by twitching just below the water surface or simply rolling because of the exquisite slow sinking setting. The flat design on the side of the body amplifies the appeal of flushing, and receives the water flow from the side on the surface, making it easy to spontaneously lose balance and automatically generate the timing of the bite.

High-spec specifications that meet expert demands

Uses reinforced materials that boast higher impact resistance than conventional ABS. In addition, the wall thickness and the internal rib structure achieve more than three times the strength of ordinary sea bass plugs. Tough specification assuming a hard situation.

The "AR-C center of gravity movement system", which has a proven track record in plugs for sea bass, is optimized and installed on lock flats. AR-C also contributes to stability during flight. Even in windy conditions, you can earn a stable flight distance.

STX-58, which has a reputation for excellent hold performance, is standard equipment. It keeps catching blue things that are rampaging during the fight, and is hard to cut. Split rings are heavy class. The hook size is $ 2/0 both before and after.