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Condition: New
Length: 140mm (140S) / 170mm (170F)
Weight: 35g (140S) / 51g (170F)
Type: Slow Sinking (140S) / Floating (170F)

Designed for distance and range-keeping power!

On rocks with high scaffolding, the lure is easily affected by the wind during casting, and on rocks with fast tides, the lure tends to rise. Rock jerk was born to capture such situations. AR-C center-of-gravity movement system ensures a stable flight attitude assuming the effects of wind. In addition, the lip design, which has been carefully studied for the angle, is designed with a range-keeping force that does not let go if you bite water.

Slow thinking near suspend. Of course, as a search bait for fish, it is well suited for tides and is recommended for seabass.

A good cast fall that will not get tired even after a long full cast. AR-C center-of-gravity movement system does not cause any problems in flight distance


Uses reinforced material with higher impact resistance than conventional ABS. Furthermore, due to the increased thickness and rib structure inside the body, the strength is three times or more that of a normal seabass plug. That is the 3X body.

Equipped with AR-C system
The "AR-C center of gravity movement system", which has a proven track record for seabass plugs, etc., is optimized for each lure. It is designed so that a sufficient flight distance can be obtained even with a thick PE line (#2 to 3).

Adopt STX-58

Equipped with STX-58, which has a good reputation for outstanding hold performance, as standard equipment. With its unique shape, it catches violent king fish and seabass in a firm manner and does not let go. The split ring also uses heavy class.

140S: STX-58 #2×2
170F: STX-58 #1/0×2