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Condition: New
Length: 139mm
Weight: 18g
Type: Floating

More distance, more performance !

Foamed body shell
The AR-C SHELL was developed by replacing the conventional solid molded shell material with a foam material. The inside of the resin is foamed to reduce weight and increase buoyancy. Body weight reduced by 14.4% (compared to the lure's overall weight)

Improved swimming action due to lower inertia
Improved body buoyancy and lower inertia for both rolling and yawing (=wobbling). The result is a body that swims as smoothly as a balsa minnow.

Increased flying distance by shifting the weight of the center of gravity
By increasing the weight of the center of gravity (+2.8g at 139F) without increasing the overall weight of the lure, we have succeeded in increasing the lure's distance by more than 20% (139F) by increasing the centrifugal force and initial velocity when casting.

Foam material "AR-C SHELL" x "AR-C Center of Gravity Shifting System

In 2010, the center of gravity shifting system "AR-C Center of Gravity Shifting System (PAT)" was introduced to pursue "both flight and swimming". With a mechanism that incorporates a spring, it overturned the conventional wisdom of center-of-gravity shifting systems. However, due to limited materials, it was a difficult trial and error process that forced us to set the balance at the very limit. If we could add another 1.0g of weight, it would improve the stability of flight, but it sinks in freshwater..." "If we could increase the buoyancy while maintaining the slim body, it would improve the sharpness of swimming, but it is difficult with the current materials... we began to feel that it would be difficult to continue making general plugs with the current materials and to make a further leap forward in performance in terms of both flying and swimming with the AR-C system. In order to solve this dilemma during the development process, the development and commercialization of the "AR-C SHELL" (PAT.P) was a project that was launched under the surface of the water to create a new revolution in the history of plug performance evolution. If the weight of the body, which accounts for more than half of the lure's total weight, can be reduced, buoyancy will be increased and swimming will be improved. Furthermore, if the weight of the body can be increased while maintaining the same overall weight, the rate of center-of-gravity movement can be improved, and the initial speed of the cast can be increased to increase the casting distance. The first step toward opening a completely new door for resin-molded lures was taken here, and in the fall of 2014, a plug equipped with "X AR-C" was born to start a plug revolution.