EXSENCE Galaslide 110F

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Condition: New
Length: 110mm
Weight: 20g
Type: Floating

Dog walk pencil that makes you aware of the presence with a loud glass knocker

Easy-to-operate dog walk pencil that focuses on water push and slide width

The body is designed to be thicker to increase the strength of the water push generated during dog walk, which is essential in seabass top water games. We aimed for the specific gravity that the body sinks slightly in the water. In addition, the slide width has been adjusted wider to achieve even greater appeal. Combined with the loud sound of a glass knocker, the result is a high appealing pencil bait that lets you notice the presence of a glass ride in all directions.

There is no other appeal bait. The secret is the glass fiber resin used in the body. So high sound quality.

If the sound quality is high, will the fish run away?
···It's okay. It is said that the sidelines of fish that sense vibrations are specialized in sensitivity to low sound quality frequencies, and no matter how high the sound volume is raised, unpleasant sound quality is unlikely.

So why did you choose high sound quality and loud sound?
... to enhance the operability of the angler. Humans firmly capture high-quality sound frequency bands. So when is the lure waving? The signal is transmitted from the offshore where you flew well.

What is the newly developed “glass knocker”? !

The glass knocker, which was developed with the aim of increasing the sound volume that sounds farther than the normal rattle sound, amplifies the rattle sound volume by blending glass fiber into the resin instead of normal resin molding. The aim was to make it easier to hear the sound of the distant lure, improve operability, and increase the appeal to fish.