Nessa Spin Beam TG Tungusten 42g

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Condition: New
Length: 68mm
Weight: 42g
Type: Sinking

For even greater distance, the tungsten-equipped Spin Beam is now available in the Kyorin color!

Built-in tungsten visible in the tail
When designing a metal jig with a focus on flying distance, it was difficult to experience a significant evolution because the only way to achieve this effect was to devise a shape for the metal jig that does not allow for center-of-gravity movement like resin plugs. The tungsten composite used in the Colt Sniper Pitbull is designed to ensure the center of gravity is firmly positioned at the rear of the lure, allowing anyone to easily achieve a sufficient flying distance. It is designed as a metal jig with a special flying distance.

Get to the bottom and just reel it in!
The Spin Beam TG has an extremely wide action and is designed to swim with the belly hook up. Just reel it in after hitting the bottom, and it will swim in the perfect range, just off the bottom, with a solid action.