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Condition: New
Length: 140mm
Weight: 45g
Type: Sinking

AR-C System x Offshore Sinking Pencil Bait

Always level sinking. It's the bait-like action with fine fall and vibration to make the lure shine in the water.

Equipped with the AR-C center of gravity transfer system (PAT), which enables the lure to control its flight attitude and to have a horizontal fall and rolling vibration at the same time. Designed to keep the lure in a horizontal position at all times, even during the free fall phase after landing and during the tension fall phase when line dragging affects the lure. The fall action is a unique shiny fall action. The lure continues to appeal to the target fish even in the midst of a bait ball.

Tensile strength of more than 100kg for reliable catching.
Hook size: ST-66 #2/0
Split Ring Size: Heavy Class 150lb