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Condition: New
Length: 150mm
Weight: 71g
Type: Sinking

Unstoppable flashing is finally a sinking pencil specializing in tuna aiming!

A flash boost with a reflector that is mirror-finished with a spring suspended inside the body. Using vibrations such as water landing and twitching, and further amplifying the vibration by the force of the spring, even while the lure is not moving or during a fall, it continues to invite with quick "glittering" flushing.

The balance between the advice of the captains backed by the achievements and the priority of ease of handling adjusted on the ship has been made. Slow fall setting that does not sink too quickly while sinking without catching birds, assuming sharks. Furthermore, body size to keep showing the silhouette to the tuna firmly. Everything is packed with know-how acquired on site.

The tuna casting has a long flight distance! The AR-C center-of-gravity movement system is used to develop the flying performance. In addition, by designing a balance that utilizes the AR-C system, if you continue a quick long jerk, the top diving action. Wide roll with slow retrieve. If you add a twitch, you can make a big fly using the flat side. Furthermore, in the fall action, the unstoppable flash boost keeps flashing while glittering itself.