Used Orca OCEA PENCIL 150 Blue Fin Tuna 2010 Limited PB-1503

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Condition: Used
Length: 150mm
Weight: 70g (with hooks and rings)
Type: Sinking

Tackling the ultimate big fish, the bluefin tuna.
A special pencil for bluefin tuna that is highly applicable from fall to tracking predator patterns

The first predatory pattern of bluefin tuna is to plunge into a school of bait, damage a few with their tails and fins, and then pick up and eat the victims as they sink with a jerk. The Bluefin Tuna Limited is designed for this purpose. The Bluefin Tuner Limited is a lure that can be used to imitate this weak bait. The lure is designed to have a horizontal posture when falling with #4 to 6 PE, and has a wobbling roll action. This lure attracts bluefin tuna more than a real swimming bait.
When the lure does not bite, the retrieve action with wobbling rolls is effective. There are very few tuna lures that can both fall and swim horizontally, so it is very effective when the tuna are in a feeding pattern.

In the 2010 LTD, fishermen have long placed their absolute trust in the "Abalone Specification" for tuna and bluefish fishing.
The hologram flashing and the mysterious flash of abalone will captivate your target.