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Condition: New
Length: 220mm
Weight: 114g (without hooks)
Type: Floating

The OCEA PENCIL plug features an aerodynamic design that allows for longer casts so you can reach that school of busting fish. The proprietary internal weight design gives the lure a side-to-side rolling and diving action that mimics an injured baitfish on the surface. This lure is made with through wire construction and high tensile strength hooks for maximum durability.

The OCEA PENCIL series, which has both the ability to fly and swim, now has a special model for S-shape dive action. The concept is to make the lure fly well and swim well. Easy-to-operate design for stable dives even on high footholds such as a horse head. Suitable for casting yellowtail and tuna.

The OCEA PENCIL 220F's split rings 200LB are standard.
Recommended hook ST-66 (#4/0) or single with ring (#6/0 - #7/0)