Bottom Knock Swimmer Light

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Condition: New
Body Length: 30mm
Weight: 2.2g
Type: Sinking

A new genre of trout lure, Bottom Knock Swimmer II that uses even the mouth of a trout that is less responsive to lateral invitations. Bottom Knock Swimmer Light is a lightweight model based on Bottom Knock Swimmer II.
Set the sink rate to slow while maintaining the swing width. It is especially effective during dry seasons and high water temperatures.
Of course, like the Bottom Knock Swimmer Ⅱ, it allows you to take on a variety of transformations.

The bottom fishing style is one of the effective measures for the trout that has become unresponsive to lateral invitations. Bottom Knock Swimmer Light keeps buoyancy in the tail direction by centralizing the built-in weight at the tip.
If the situation matches, the fish will react like crazy.
By printing on the belly part, it can be distinguished from Bottom Knock Swimmer II.

How to
Even when there is a flow of water, the buoyancy is used when landing to maintain the bottom position while keeping the tail upward. The bottom knock swing with bottom tapping creates a small fish that feeds at the bottom.
In a simple winding, swing the tail slowly to the left and right for horizontal swimming. In the case of twitching that utilizes line slack, the swing action is turned to the left and right, and in some cases, up and down, and a neutral trout predation switch is turned on.
Bottom Knock Swimmer Ⅱ is "Torrent", "Deep water", "Emphasis on rework". On the other hand, Bottom Knock Swimmer Light is good at “during drought”, “low water level”, “slow flow/stop”, and “attractive to slow”. The proper power of the Bottom Knock Swimmer can be demonstrated by using it properly according to the situation.