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Condition: Used
Length: 90mm
Weight: 9.5g
Type: Floating

Minnow for Sakura Trout Game

Medium-deep minnow for mainstreams with greatly improved accuracy as well as long casting performance, allowing anglers to cast in a straight line to their target points without stress Unique aero-form design and center-of-gravity shifting mechanism to keep the lure in the most stable condition without losing balance during flight The aero body provides absolute stability to prevent the lure from losing its balance and jumping out of the water even in running water, which is the most important point for catching sakura trout, and it conveys subtle changes that occur due to its excellent grip on water to anglers as various information. The lure is very light and it is easy to produce irregular actions by rod work. By jerking the weight locked at the front during retrieve to the rear, the lure momentarily loses its balance and it is easy to operate irregular actions to attract reaction bites. The weight can also be moved back to the front by simply applying line tension, and the lure will immediately shift to a stable rolling action.