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Condition: New
Length: 140mm (F / S)
Weight: 56g (F) / 69g (S)
Type: Floating / Sinking

TOBIIKA is the pencil bait targeting migratory fish tuna, dolphin, yellowtail and amberjack. Its characteristics are that it is possible to produce a wide variety of movements depending on the operation of the user, and the operation and type can be selected according to the target fish species and situation. Because of the ABS resin specification, the transparent texture and clear feeling that cannot be produced with wood will be added to the production of lure movement. In addition, due to the effect of the impeller (also visible as a horizontal wing) part, the flying squid reflects the force of the part that escapes by roll as a movement as well as water entanglement to the dirt force to the left and right. For anglers who are operating, please try how to attach various actions. Various movements can be changed by changing the direction (angle), stroke, or pitch of the jerk.

A lineup of transparent coloring that cannot be realized with wood products. A color lineup configuration that can be used even when the target is eclipsed by squid during clear tide.

The wings reminiscent of a squid's emperor correct the flight attitude during casting to improve castability and convert the water pressure received during retrieval to left and right dirt. Demonstrate higher exercise performance.

A through-wire structure is used for a fierce fight with a big fish target.

The treble hook, Cultiva ST-66 # 1/0, which gains the great trust of offshore anglers, is standard equipment. The split ring is also made of stainless steel and has a high strength.

TOBIIKA F : Floating
A dipping pencil with outstanding stability even when the wave height or wind is strong. After the dive, you can easily perform quick dirt under the surface of the water, and by changing the jerk stroke and speed by rod work, the movement of the dirt can be linked to various changes. Excellent water entanglement and the quick and irregular dirt that is shown when diving are excellent. It is also ideal for invitations.

TOBIIKA S : Sinking
A sinking model that has an outstanding flight distance due to increased weight and is a strength in stormy weather. It is possible to do a dock walk and irregular dirt under the surface of the water without breaking the surface during actions such as putting a jerk. Even if it is just rolled, it appeals with S meandering with a roll under the surface. It is also recommended to use it as a follower for fish that does not reach the surface of the water.