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Condition: New
Length: 115mm
Weight: 19g (Pencil bait / Floating) / 20.5g (Swisher / Floating)
Type: Floating

Vaprax, produced by big fish hunter Kouzou Okubo. We aimed to create a plug that has enough potential to work in harsh environments, not only in Japan but also overseas.

Vaprax is a plug designed to catch not only black bass and sea bass in Japan, but also big fish in the jungles of the Amazon and Southeast Asia, as well as big fish in the southern seas, all of which can be targeted with light tackle. Based on the fact that big fish tend to bite more often than lures with regular and stable action, which Mr. Okubo has learned from his own rich experience, these plugs have been designed and made up to produce such action.

Vaprax has a pencil bait and a swisher.

Vaprax F. (Pencil bait / floating)
While a stable long slide is the base of the action, it can also produce tricky and irregular water pushing actions that are effective for big fish, and can be used to produce a wide range of effects depending on the technique of the user.

Vaplax Prop F (Swisher / Floating)
Smaller and wider propellers are selected to reduce pull resistance, while the jerk can produce appealing water splashes.

Many Japanese lures are made specifically for specific species. On the other hand, there is a field where you never know what you will hit on when you go overseas. It is not uncommon to change the target for fishing depending on the conditions. In such a case, an inapplicable lure may not be suitable for fishing. The lure must be effective on all types of fish eateries, not only in saltwater, but even in freshwater games.
Vaprax is also available in a wide range of colors. The colors range from saltwater to freshwater, as well as appealing colors that go the way of the bass plug. From big bass to sea bass to monster fish, you can choose the best Vaprax to match your fishing style and target fish.

Thick-walled design to withstand harsh conditions
One of the most common stories of international fishing trips is the breakage of lures. The lure has swelled up in the unimaginable heat, or has been destroyed by a target with sharp teeth. The Vaplax has achieved a strong body with a wall thickness of 1.6 mm, which is not guaranteed to be 100% strong.

Special props to prevent damage and deformation
(prop type only)

Stainless steel spring material is used for the prop. It has excellent fracture strength as well as rotational performance. The prop is not easily deformed during violent target fights, and as a result, its rotational performance is not reduced.

Heavy duty hook and DECOY Y-S

The Vaprax is fitted with DECOY's strongest hook, Y-S81 #2, which Okubo trusts immensely.