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ABT lure Banshee repainting by Hiroshi Kamei

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Color: oikawa ♂ / oikawa ♀
Length: 4.5inches
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Sinking
Material: Glass Eye (Eye)

This is a repainting lure.
The original lure is ABT lure, Banshee.

The repainted color of "Oikawa" is a type of freshwater fish classified as a carp. It is a familiar river fish that is distributed in western Japan and parts of East Asia, and is in line with river mutts and dace in the distribution area. One of typical small bait fish in Japan

The most notable feature is the thinness of the body.
The width of the body has been carefully designed in order to faithfully reproduce the swimming motion and water pressure of bait fish that bass normally feed on, such as shad, and combined with the four-connected body, the lure swims seamlessly and naturally without any roll.

As a result, it can be used not only for steady retrieves, but also for waking up large ripples on the surface of the water and irregular actions such as jerking and twitching, which were difficult to produce with conventional swimbaits.

In addition, the stainless steel hinge overcomes the weakness of conventional small swimbaits, and the smooth action has been achieved.
Although the body is very narrow, it is equipped with a rattle system that resonates well, making it effective as a search bait.

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