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Chochin Gill

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Color: Blue Gill / Green Gill
Length: 60mm
Weight: about 13g
Type: Floating (floating diagonally above the head)
Material: Foaming Resin (Body) , Glass Eye (Eye)

Although it is small, however, it weighs 13 grams and can fly a long distance. All you have to do is reel it in with a normal retrieve.
It is a wake bait with a round body that pushes the water and makes the water flow.
In addition, the sound of the propeller on the butt makes it highly effective in attracting fish.
It has a light on its head that is phosphorescent, so if you shine your cell phone's light directly onto the light on its head, it will glow for 20 to 30 minutes. The longer the exposure time, the longer it will glow.

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