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Color: Large Mouth Bass / Small Mouth Bass / Peacock Bass
Length: 130.0mm
Weight: about 41g
Type: Floating
Material: Foaming Resin (Body) , Glass Eye (Eye)

This hand making popper, DEAD POP 130 is designed for long cast performance, and easy to make it dog walk with a light rod action.
The floating position is unique, it becomes a shape that collapses about 45 degrees sideways.
It's good to start with the first action, to not grab water too much,
to catch bubbles when dog walking.
So it is designed to be able to dog walk with a light rod work for size,
and it is supposed to fell left and right each time you shake it.
While walking, it acts with fluttering so that the flashing is work for bites.
DEAD POP 130 has a 2 kind of mouth, it can make a various big and small popping sound and splashes.
This unique designed mouth creates a natural popping sound.

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