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Stealth Shad

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Color: oikawa ♂ / oikawa ♀ / shad
Length: 95mm
Weight: about 10g
Type: Slow Sinking
Material: foaming resin (body) , glass eye (eye)

"Oikawa" is a type of freshwater fish classified as a carp. It is a familiar river fish that is distributed in western Japan and parts of East Asia, and is in line with river mutts and dace in the distribution area. One of typical small bait fish in Japan

This is an I-shaped lure. The tail catches water and shakes like a vibration, and the vibration is transmitted to the body in the middle, creating a natural action which has the same action as a real fish.
It can also be used for surface buzzing by reeling the lure quickly with the rod upright, and it is also effective for hitting the lure during a chase scene.

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