HAMA SHAD LR-T 81SR / SF 7Palms Limited Color

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Condition: New
Length: 81mm
Weight: 10g
Type: Slow Floating Model

This model inherits the action of the original model LR-T81SF and employs a short rip to attack the water depth of the half range (about 1M). However, for winding, a tight wobbling action with rolling unique to LR-T, for twitching, appeal with diffuse reflection flash utilizing multi-curved surface and edge body, and for continuous twitching using "hard fluttering system", slanted posture dart while wobbling with.

"Hard fluttering system"
When the lure comes into contact with the bottom of the water and obstacles, it loses its posture and becomes a so-called "fluttering" (= flickering) state.
At that time, the weight in the front inside the body is semi-fixed in the concave part on the side, and the "fluttering" state can be kept long. In addition, the lure shows an irregular movement by lifting the rod tip and forcibly putting it into the "fluttering" position.

After casting, medium retrieve (fluttering system OFF) to the target water depth, and appeal (ON) by twitch. At this time, if you continue to switch with the body tilted at about 80 °, you will keep the posture and dirt while wobbling diagonally.