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Condition: New
Length: 115mm
Weight: 23.5g
Type: Floating

High-pitched & high-echo sound is the key !
In 1994, Waterland developed an aluminum topwater plug that broke the mold of the lure fishing world. We used aircraft packing for the metal connection and created a leak-proof metal topwater plug. Fifteen years later, while inheriting the advantages of the metal topwater plug, we sought a degree of perfection beyond that of metal, and finally created a plastic-injected lure.
The name of the lure is Splash Sounder - a plastic-injected lure.
However, it requires a high level of skill to reproduce the rattle sound of a metal body in a plastic body. For this reason, the Splash Sounder has been carefully designed in every part of its design, from the internal structure to the weight balance and strength of the material, to create a special rattle sound that is both high-pitched and highly reverberant, attracting the target.

Attention to sound !
Waterland's commitment to "sound" is unmatched by other manufacturers. The sound of a hook hitting a body is a very important part of the WaterSonic, and after repeated acoustic experiments and field tests with fish from all over the world, including the use of an acoustic studio to measure rattle frequencies, Waterland has finally completed the Splash Sounder.